Performing arts, as we all know, involve activities that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music or dance. Artists use their voices, bodies or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. Many skills are needed in performing arts. There is often an overlap with the film and media industries. Design and production roles also fall under this umbrella with many institutions and performing arts schools providing courses in production, lighting, stage and prop design, costume planning and stage management. There are various job opportunities in the field of performing arts, some of which include actor, broadcast presenter, choreographer, dancer, musician, theater director, theatre manager and others. Talent is definitely the most important factor but certain other attributes also help one to succeed in the filed of performing arts.

Attributes Needed in Performing Arts:

• Confidence

Acting, dancing, singing and also performing in front of a huge audience can be an incredibly nerve-racking experience. Stepping on the stage and performing in front of a large number of people requires a huge amount of confidence and self esteem, since you are displaying your talent and inviting judgement. Thus, building confidence is absolutely essential.

Ability to network and market yourself

Majority of the people working in the performing arts are self-employed and actors, dancers, singers and musicians all need to audition to secure their work. Thus it is vital that you are able to sell and market your abilities to potential employers. You will also need to employ your networking skills to make as many industry connections as possible.

• Resilience, self-discipline and stamina

Due to the competitive and highly-skilled nature of the industry, it’s likely that those working within performing arts (even those in technical/ managerial roles), will experience rejection and criticism at some point in their career. Thus to cope with these, resilience and tenacity are essential. Moreover, performers are required to work long hours during rehearsals and are expected to give 100% to every performance. Thus self-discipline and stamina are mandatory.

• Analytical mind and the ability to self-reflect

Those working in the field of performing arts need an analytical mind. For example, a person involved in drama need to be able to scrutinize and interpret a role and the script.

• Flexibility

Performers need to adapt and apply their skills and talent to a variety of roles, genders, techniques and styles. In addition, they need to change themselves as per the creative requirement. Not only that, flexibility is also about being able to multitask, as performers often need to juggle between various commitments.

• Team work

Above all, performing arts are a collaborative effort between different people. Thus they come together to create a successful show, play, concert or recital. So the ability to work well with others is vital.

• Organization and time management

Successful performers often required to work on more than one project at once. Thus work schedules can become hectic. Strong organization and time management skills are therefore a must. These essential skills needed in performing arts.

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