Durga Puja 2019

Durga Puja 2019

Durga Puja 2019 : Artistic View

Durga puja 2019 ! The name itself evokes a lot of joy in our hearts! The sky turns vibrant blue with dollops of white clouds floating here and there. Sheuli and Kaash phool make their timely appearance, as if just to announce the arrival of the Goddess! The joy of nature reflects in our hearts as we all get ready to usher in the biggest festival of the Bengalis. Durga puja is here and there is a mood of celebration in the air. The streets are all decked up with festive lights and loudspeakers are playing festive songs as well as hymns chanted by the priests. There is a cultural aspect that is linked with Durga Puja.

The Art

Kolkata is basically the birth place of cultural and artistic thoughts. Thus it is no wonder that the biggest celebration which is hosted in this city has a cultural and artistic side, too. Foremost are the pandals. Every big puja takes up a theme and then the pandal, the decor, the idols and everything is created based on that theme. It is really a thing of wonder that how the artists who make these things, transform very mundane things like jute, glass bangles, safety pins or earthen pots into something so artistic. Their creativity is something that leaves us mesmerised. They can replicate palatial buildings, iconic structures, mud houses with thatched rooves or temples with equal ease. Then there are these world famous idol makers who leave the mark of their creative genius in the idols which they make.

Cultural Involvement

Cultural performances are another integral part of puja. Small para pandals, pujas in residential complexes or those organised by big organisers – most of them arrange for cultural performances to be held in the evenings. There are dance dramas, song/ dance recital, recitations or enactment of small plays done by the kids or the residents of the locality. That apart, well known artists from various disciplines also perform in the puja programmes. Then in some places there are fares selling hand made articles, paintings, jewellery etc. All in all, Durga puja is the point of confluence where fun, festivity, creativity, culture and bonding meet together effortlessly!

Kolahol Theatre Workshop wishes a very happy and enriching puja to all of you!!



Durga Puja 2019

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