YEAR 2020- AT A GLANCE- PANDEMIC- A NIGHTMARE STRIKES and we don’t know how long we are going to be terrorized by this pandemic, it is about to end for the global economy with a sense of belief for the future that it can’t surely be that bad again. Year 2020 was just another calendar which began with excitement and celebrations like every other year but as it started unfolding, came one of the biggest blows that humanity has ever sustained, in the form of the deadly Pandemic Covid-19.

With the ” complete lockdown ” announced by the governments worldwide, it was as if the whole world came to a standstill. While this Pandemic showed us the flip side of life, it has also showed us how to value our lives. Now, as we approach another new year, we reflect on what all we have learned and what all we have experienced in the year 2020.


• 2020 has made us experience a whole lot of new things. One of the foremost is ” working from home “. Though the concept of work from home already existed, it became the ” new normal “.

• Another such concept is ” Online School “. Students attending virtual classes with the help of their smart phones or laptop form the current education scenario worldwide.

• Government declared a ban on any sort of mass gathering. Thus performing arts has received a hard blow owing to the Pandemic

However, with one avenue closing down, another has opened. Several cultural associations as well as individual professionals are now organizing online performances. Virtual training classes and shows are now becoming increasingly popular.

• Economically, the whole world has received a huge blow. According to the experts, this is the mother of all economic challenges in recent years. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. Many have changed professions, just to sustain themselves. What we have all learned is that, for sustenance, we need much less. The rest is luxury, which we can always do without. In a nutshell the year 2020 was a pandemic nightmare strike , which is haunting our lives even today.


YEAR 2020- AT A GLANCE- PANDEMIC-A NIGHTMARE STRIKES- Since March 2020, almost every individual on the planet has had their life shaken by the Covid-19 Pandemic, in some way or the other. However, this period and this entire experience has taught us many valuable lessons.

• Maintaining personal as well community hygiene is essential. Not only in the present situation, but always.

• We really do not need much to live.

• We are social beings. May be people are much self-centred these days yet we all crave for community. Covid-19 has shown us that no man is an island.

• Society has a heart. We have seen individuals and organisations rise to the occasion and help the elders, the needy and the weaker sections of the society.

• We are living beyond the planet’s boundaries and it’s high time we stop messing with the natural resources.

• Physical distance cannot destroy relationships. If we want to stay connected, we can do it by using various means of communication.

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