BALLET : WIDELY APPRECIATED FORM OF PERFORMANCE DANCE is an artistic dance form performed to music, using precise and highly formalised set steps and gestures. In other words, ballet is a type of performance dance. It originated during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. Ballet is a French word which has its origin in Italian “Balleto”, means to dance. Ballet has been globally influential and has become a wide spread and highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. It has defined the foundational techniques which are used in many other dance genres and cultures. In fact, various schools around the world have incorporated ballet and have blended it with their own cultures. As a result, ballet has evolved in distinct ways.


BALLET : WIDELY APPRECIATED FORM OF PERFORMANCE DANCE .Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Under the influence of the Queen Catherine de Medici, it spread to France and there it developed further. During those early days, the dancers who performed court ballets were mostly noble amateurs. The ballets were performed in large chambers with viewers on three sides.

The ornamental costumes which the dancers wore in those days were meant to impress viewers but they restricted the freedom of the movement of the performers. French Court Ballet reached its pinnacle under the reign of King Louis XIV, who made Jean-Baptist Lully the director of the Academie Royale de Musique. It was from this, that the first professional ballet company, The Paris Opera Ballet, arose.
                  The modern era in ballet started with the arrival of “Ballet Russes” in Europe, on the eve of First World War. In the 20th century, ballet had a wide influence on other dance genres and it also took a turn, dividing it from classical ballet to the introduction of modern dance. This has led to modernist movements in several countries.


Overtime, stylistic variations and subgenres have evolved, while initially there were only classical variations. Some of the various forms of ballet include –

Classical Ballet

• – Classical ballet is based on traditional ballet technique and vocabulary. It is known for its aesthetic and rigorous techniques (such as pointe work, turnout of the legs, etc), its flowing, precise movements and its ethereal qualities. Different styles have emerged in different countries, such as French Ballet, Italian Ballet, English Ballet and Russian Ballet. Some examples of Classical ballet productions are Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, etc.

Romantic Ballet

The ideas of romanticism in art and literature influenced the creation of ballets . However particularly during early to mid 19th century. The romantic era was marked by the emergence of Pointe work (tip of the toe movement), the dominance of female dancer and longer flowy dresses that accentuated the softness and added a delicate aura.

Neo-classical Ballet

• – Neo-classical ballet is usually abstract, with no clear plot, costumes or scenery. It is the style of 20th century classical ballet. It comprises of the advanced technique of the 19th century Russian Imperial dance, but strips it of its detailed narrative and heavy theatrical setting. However, it retained many key techniques such as Pointe technique.

Contemporary Ballet

It is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. Attributes come from the ideas and innovations of 20th century modern dance, including floor work and turn in of the legs. The performance is often barefoot. Contemporary ballets includes mime and acting and are set to music.

Ballet dancing accessories


Another tool that can benefit you a lot is the portable dance floor of the Dance Disc brand. It is customary to use more in professional dancers. When dancing in different places, we never know what quality the floor has, therefore, the portable dance floor will save us from a floor in poor condition.

The base is very durable and safe. In addition, it has a handle so it makes it more comfortable to transport.

dot2dance Genuine Brand (32) Authentic Marley Portable Dance Floor,

IncStores None 3’x3′ Practice Dance Floor

Greatmats Portable Dance Floor


Bloch offer us a solution for those unexpected moments that can ruin a unique moment. The sewing kit is ideal for those moments in which for some reason break the ribbons of the tips and you can’t tie them correctly or simply sew the loops.

It has all the necessary accessories to solve the emergency quickly. Perfect to carry anywhere since the box is practical and smal


For us, the portable barre of the Vita Vibe brand is an indispensable accessory for professional dancers. When you have to rehearse for many hours and sometimes for different reasons, we can’t go to class enough, this accessory will be of great help to practice the movements at home.

But it is also a good accessory for those dancers who are starting in the world of Ballet and want to perfect and advance faster. The tops of the legs are rubber so the bar won’t slide on the floor and the height is adjustable so that you can put it at your proper height.

Vita Vibe Boost Series 4 FT Double Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre Stretch

Vita Vibe – Prodigy Series Portable Double Aluminum Freestanding Balle

Klarfit Anna-Marie Ballet Barre- Double Ballet Bar, Free-Standing,


The preferred solution for dancers. These little dancer dots will relieve us of the painful sores and the pain of using Ballet tips.

It is perfect for those dancers who are accustomed to using Ballet tips several times a week. When using both the tips, it is normal that in the end we produce hard feet and this Ballet accessory will help us to prevent and feel more comfortable in our movements.

Gaynor Minden Dancers Dots | Gel Blister Pads | Hydrogel Patches for Prevention of Blisters

Gaynor Minden Dancers Dots | Gel Blister Pads | Hydrogel Patches for Prevention of Blisters |


This accessory is perfect for any dancer, whether adult or small. The resin that Capezio offer us, helps the small dancers to gain confidence in their movements without having to think if they are going to slip or not. It is also essential for professionals who dance on different types of floors.

Before going out to dance, put a little on the tips and on the soles of the shoes and you will get a better adherence to the floor. For gymnasts it is also ideal so that your hands don’t slip in their different exercises.

Capezio Rock Rosin

Capezio Rock Rosin


Like Gaynor Minden’s dancer dots, silicone toe caps will help prevent hardships and sores that may come out due to rubbing with the tips. In addition, they provide great comfort to the toes, since they don’t rest directly on the toes of the shoes.

You can combine the dancer dots of Gaynor Minden and the silicone gel toe to protect 100% your feet.

Soft Silicone Gel Pointe Ballet Dance Shoe Toe Pads Toe Protector


Finally, we recommend you a more aesthetic accessory, but no less important for any dancer. The hair bun nets, are essential for any dancer of any age. The hair bun nets will stabilize our hairstyles and will prevent our hair from bothering us while we dance in a class or on stage. There are different colors for each hair color.

So don’t forget to put Lion’s hair bun nets in your Ballet bag, they’ll get you out of more than one hurry!


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