Cinema is a strongest medium of communication. It can communicate from poor to rich, literate to illiterate, urban to rural, kids to adults and  so on. Communication, as we all know, is an act of exchanging information. It is basically the act of sharing ideas, views, thoughts and expressions through some medium. The most basic and acknowledged tool of communication is language. Communication can also take place through pictures, gestures and artefacts.

Over the years, all sorts of visual medium, be it stone age painting, photograph or today’s motion picture, has always been the most effective instrument of communication. Films are therefore, an useful instrument of communication and all filmmakers are therefore communicators of their ideas, visions and thoughts. The reach and appeal of cinema are growing day by day and peoples in both urban and rural areas alike, respond to the impact of visual medium. The films convey ideas, messages and information to the people, irrespective of their race, creed or color.


Cinema, a form of mass media has undoubtedly become a powerful tool since the day it was introduced to the world. Cinema has a huge impact on society and can influence the mass opinion and thinking to a great extent. The film industry has grown rapidly in the past years and has brought about a lot of changes in the society. Films are a reflection of society for both the present and the past. Films yield a great impact on society in many ways. The film industry is one of the most influential and expensive industries in mass media. In true sense, it is a dream industry. Films in today’s generation have managed to cover a lot of controversial topics. These topics include religion, terror attacks, transgender, homosexuality, child labor, poverty, etc.

Through their stories and concepts, films have successfully brought awareness in the society about all these topics. Matters like transgender, homosexuality which were taboos in the past are now considered with much more openness of mind, thanks to the movies and their sensitive handling of the topics. This happens more in Indian cinema, as audience often relate themselves to the movies. Many recent movies have explored social issues such as child marriage, polygamy, dowry system, castes and terrorism. These movies affect many of us powerfully because the combined impact of images, dialogues, music, lighting, sound and special effects can elicit deep feelings and help us reflect on our lives. They can help us to better understand our own lives and lives of those around us and even how our society as well as our culture operates. That is why cinema is a strongest medium of communication.


• Movies inspire us – A good movie thus entertain, educate and inspire the viewers in many ways. Think of the impact that songs have on people. They make us think. Make us compassionate. They also inspire us to help others and do good for the humanity.

• Movies create awareness about multiple aspects of life – Importance of formal education, effects of drugs and substance abuse, atrocities of war, taboos regarding homosexuality. Thus films make us aware about innumerable important aspects of life and help to build up a mass opinion in certain important matters.

• Movies mirror and shape culture – Movies are an integral part of us. They mirror what we believe in and how we co-exist as people. It is easier to see our concerns, attitudes, flaws and strengths in films than to understand them from our daily interactions. Besides mirroring our culture, movies for a long time, have been shaping our values and beliefs. For example, people copy fashion trends from movie stars and musicians.

• Movies teach us history – Most of the historical movies are fact-based and even those which are fictional, still depict a realistic picture of the past. Thus they connect the modern world with past generations.

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