Kolahal Theatre Workshop is a society formed to work with the backward and stigmatized sections of the society . We not only enable their return to the mainstream , but also help them to psychologically develop with the help of theater therapy . We are a non-profit organisation.

Round the year we organised performances of our plays at various theatre halls in Kolkata.

Usha John

Some dreams and some classical thoughts were created in one place, an organization, as well as a few people. All the ideas came together and said, “We are KOLAHAL”.Yeah, Kolahal Theatre Workshop…….. Sound of social awareness.  KOLAHAL turned from a pure performance-oriented theatre group to an organisation with a wide range of projects.

The intention of Kolahal theater workshop was to work with main streaming of people through art.

The first endeavor was with the Transgenders and people from the LGBT community . The name of the production was Bishakto Panchali . The first show was staged at the Tapan Theater on April 2018.

It was a very difficult time as the Hon’ble Supreme court of India was just about to pass the verdict on 377 IPC .The bench pronounced its verdict on 6 September 2018. Announcing the verdict, the court reversed its own 2013 judgement of restoring Section 377 by stating that using the section of the IPC to victimize homosexuals was unconstitutional, and henceforth, a criminal act.

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When the weaker section of a society is uplifted , the economy changes , the perception towards mankind changes and the World becomes a much happier and peaceful place to live in .