Jhorafuler Rupkatha Part 1

The story narrates the perilous journey of the two central characters in the play, a mother and son Duo, named as ” Ador” & ” Gogol’ , two in cognizable residents of ” Sonar sahor’ , the infamous red light area of the city, and their continuous tryst with life in the midst of their day to day misery, confrontation & existential crisis, where Gogol’s relentless struggle & undying aspiration to be a theatre director, dreaming a liberation from the futile life of the red light area, trying to Decimate his own social identity as a pimp & trying to change the life-scapes of his fellow brothel dwelling women by turning in them as theatre actors from the borne -identity of sex workers. This time too , will Tagore be the catalyst in their Journey ? Will Gogol overcome the relentless opposition and bring the light of liberation into their lives ?

Jhorafuler Rupkatha Part 2

We have conducted workshops in different brothels of Kolkata to develop characters among them. Yes; They are the actors of our upcoming production named , Jhorafuler Rupkatha. Jhorafuler Rupkatha is not only a story about transformation of brothel inmates , who find solace in the characters created by Rabindranath Tagore . Such as “Nandini “from “Raktakorobi”, “Shreemoti” from “Notir puja” and “Ruitan and Hortuni “from Tasher desh. But also interrelates those fictional characters to each others life and how they find Moksha through the journey of these characters. Rabindranath Tagore has always been a catalyst of reform and movements . His works are prevalent in today’s modern world also. In our story , also Tagore is the imbedded catalyst that makes these sex workers travel through their journey of self realization to a point of saturation where their soul overcomes their body.

Bishakto Panchali Part 2

Flamboyant, colourful and eccentric, many among LGBT and marginalised transgender community scrape a living through dancing, singing and begging on the streets of the country’s cities and traffic signals . Many others, though, earn money catering for the sexual needs of local men in the city’s seedier districts. Investigating a never-before-seen side of life in Theater , this theater play by kolahal Theater Workshop who works for the marginalized and stigmatized section of the society , follows the stories of a transgender , who each represent a different way of love . Bhanumati is a local jatra or play actor who acts as a woman in all performance and gradually falls in love with master the Hero of all the play he performed . Actors of this play are majorly transgender , gay , bisexual or lesbian . Tista Das one of the actress who plays the character of a lady , is a renowned transgender of kolkata .

Theater Therapy

Theater Therapy or drama Therapy has worked wonders in the life of many , it is not only a useful tool for physical well being but it is a mental recharge methodology which unknowingly energizes , boosts and positively reincarnates the mental well being . Theater Therapy by Kolahal Theatre Workshop , a society situated at Kolkata India , Which works for rehabilitating and reforming the stigmatized section of the society , This is a sneek into our third project with the drug Rehabilitation Centers of Kolkata.

You want to become a


When the weaker section of a society is uplifted , the economy changes , the perception towards mankind changes and the World becomes a much happier and peaceful place to live in .