01. How Can I be a part of Kolahal.

Can I be a student of the Theater Acting School?

Yes , you can surely be a student of Kolahal Theatre Workshop . You can learn the skills , theory and Practical ventures and you can surely perform as per your capability in our productions .

What does an annual course include?

Physical theater , working on the 8 important emotions , understanding the stage , understanding light , character evaluation.

How do I enroll ?

Call us on 8478077761 and plan a visit . Attend the briefing section , submit your credentials , or email us on kolahaltheatre@gmail.com and inform us about your interest.

How do I Pay the fees ?

You can pay by cash , Paytm , bank transfer or cheque , the choice is yours

02. Workshops 

Theater therapy workshop.

This is our specialization , we conduct round the year one day , three day and five day theater therapy workshop . This workshop is not only effective for theater enthusiasts but any type of group with different mental and physical disadvantages . This workshop can be recommended to any age starting from 5 to 95. Psychodrama is the foundation of this workshop and thus very efficient for mental development of the participants

Physical Theater Workshop

As the name suggest this workshop concentrates on the body language and the physical movement of the participants . Be it a stage , film or television , body movements , language plays an important role for adapting a character .

Vocal workshop

This workshop concentrates on the diction and pronunciation . It is a workshop which emphasizes on building a vocal expression adjust ability . This workshop is important for actors and also vocal artist .

Personality Development Workshop

This workshop deals with the overall development starting from the way you dress , talk , move , represent yourself etc . along with everyone it would be very much effective if you have to face an interviewer soon .

Five Senses Workshop

This workshop is specially designed for children between 5-15 . It is basically a activity and game based program to activate the five senses of the human body . The workshop acts as a icebreaker and improves the potentiality of the children.

Musical Meditation

This is a universal requirement as the rate of people suffering from depression is increasing at a rapid rate . We believe this is a cure for many disease and failure without meditation .

03. Charity Projects 

Types of charity projects undertaken by us.

The projects we mainly concentrate on are focused towards , better education , better health , better drinking water , better occupational possibilities and rehabilitation . We are already working with the ex-jail inmates , LGBT community , Sex-workers / Sex-slaves , drug addicts .

Upcoming Projects

  • OCTOBER 31ST – 7TH NOVEMBER    –  Motorcycle adventure tour from Kolkata to China Border towards the north of Sikkim . The purpose of the Tour is to promote theater therapy among colleges , schools , educational Institutes , Clubs and Theater groups along the route .
  • DECEMBER 26TH – 6TH JANUARY  –  Distribution of blankets for the street dwellers and needy .

You can be one among us ?

Join as a member or as a volunteer and be one among us . We shall reach the goals together .

How can you reach us ?

  1. Mobile – +91 8478077761
  2. email:- kolahaltheatre@gmail.com
  3. Post:- P-11 Mitra Colony Behala Kolkata -700034 West Bengal India
  4. Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/Kolahaltheatre/