World Theatre Day: Bring Theatre to Life in 2024

World Theatre Day: Bring Theatre to Life in 2024

The 62nd World Theatre Day will be celebrated on March 27th, 2024. Here is what you need to know.


It was on March 27th, 1962, that the International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated the celebration of the World Theatre Day. The day is marked by global events in the field of theatrics. French poet Jean Cocteau was the first to pen World Theatre Day International Message. This year Norwegian playwright and writer, Jon Fosse has taken up the mantle. This day is celebrated as an amalgamation of cultures, promoting peace and harmony. As Brett Bailey had mentioned, “We gather to weep and to remember; to laugh and to contemplate; to learn and to affirm and to imagine”.

Is Theatre an undervalued platform?

Theatre is often looked upon as a critical artform and hence has not evolved as much in the last decades. Cinema on the other hand has taken the front line. Audience comes together to see their favourite actors and actresses on the screen and celebrate together the era of information and special effects. It is for the global leaders, politicians and veteran actors to take charge and drive the motion, only then can theatre be revived and promoted to higher grounds.

Celebrate theatre, cherish the art, cultivate the culture.

This year come together with friends and family to acknowledge the hard work that is put into play.

  • Come, lets celebrate theatre together by watching more live performances. Cinema is good but in theatre the performance comes to life. There is no re-take no edits, what you see is right out there.
  • Let us promote theatre groups and local drama schools by organizing workshops in our neighbourhood. This will surely help spread the word and create awareness among the youngsters.
  • Adapt theatrics as part of our lifestyle. We can write simple scripts and arrange for a cosy setup to enact it out as part of our family get together.
  • Gift popular adaptations to our children for them to read. Encourage, enable and empower the youngsters to participate in workshops.


We must come to terms that it would take each one of us to take a stand and inspire others to come together and create a balance between tradition and innovation. This will shape the future of theatre. The more popularity it gains, the more it will catch the attention of the global leaders and businessmen to invest more on better infrastructure and improvised academics regime.

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